Grossman & Knebel bookstore

A carriage rushes past, leaving pedestrians behind, and the windows are full of the covers of the latest fine art magazines. A place of cultural respite and enlightenment.

Comfortable rooms, convenient booking and maximum proximity to historical sites. How pleasant it is to walk along Petrovskie Liniya Street, which connects the famous Petrovka and the mysterious Neglinnaya. And once upon a time - two hundred years ago - the Neglinnaya River flowed here, which sometimes flooded that very Petrovka...

Soviet Time: The Second House of the Unions. Plenums and meetings where great minds decided the fate of Russia. The walls of the building - now a cultural heritage site of federal importance - keep echoes of Lenin's speeches.

Our days: the Centeral Hotel. Located in the heart of the capital, a stopover point for visitors to Moscow whose atmosphere subtly combines modernity and the architectural zest of bygone times.

In the 19th century
Petrovskaya Street becomes one of the main shopping streets of the city - and with the light hand of writer Peter Boborykin it is called "Moscow Paris". Now Naryshkin Baroque and Viennese Art Nouveau reign here. An architectural walk will give you a real pleasure: the High Petrovsky Monastery, amazing stucco of apartment houses, infants-putties, Corinthian columns...


Luxury combined with an authentic Russian bathhouse. Can it be? Yes! It's easy to check - the bathhouses have been extremely popular since the day they were founded. And you can join a piece of this history, fearlessly dipping into the pools of the "Tsar Bath", as Fyodor Chaliapin called this place.

And here's Color Boulevard

The building of the famous Moscow Circus, the promenade with statues of clowns, in front of the circus - Yuri Nikulin himself friendly opened the door of his convertible; a little further - the famous Obraztsov puppet theater and fairy-tale clock.

A promenade through the center will bring many surprises, pleasant impressions and beautiful photographs. The background for this can be anything - the Bolshoi Theater, the Central Department Store, the wall of Kitay-Gorod. The main thing is to be in a good mood and have a desire to learn the capital's secrets. And after that you can rest in our hotel.

Every solution in this concise interior is calibrated to provide a functional and clean design.

Spacious and comfortable room with all amenities, overlooking the main street of the city. Here you can really relax.